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Akule Construction

Akule New Skin

Posted by maphilli14 on July 30, 2013 at 2:00 PM

Big thanks to Joe Nastasi at Parallax Instruments, Inc. for the custom tube.

Let's bring these together Joe!

Joe helped turn my sonotube mockup into reality.

  • 100% unpainted exterior
  • Aluminium 0.080" thick
  • 58.5" Length (56" from ring front to tube front)
  • 16.25" Diameter
  • Custom retaining ring to mount the mirror cell
  • Work in drilling out the mirror cell retaining ring, focuser hold and secondary vane holes
  • Custom dust cap for the front

Joe making his magic!

I will always have some fond memories of working with such a fine professional in his workshop, thanks Joe!

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