Michael A. Phillips

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Akule - custom 0.3556 meter (14") f/4.5 Newtonian

CONSTRUCTION PHOTOS AND DETAILS HERE: https://maphilli14.webs.com/apps/blog/ 


Type: Custom Homebuilt Newtonian

Mount: Celestron CGE on JMI Wheely bars

Aperture: 356mm (14")

Focal Ratio: f/4.5

Native Focal  Length: 1600mm

Primary Mirror: Carl Zambuto 14" f/4.5

Secondary Mirror: Antares 3.5" 1/30wave

Spider Vanes: 3-Vane Curved from 800Destiny, purchased through Scope Stuff

Primary Mirror Cell: Mag 1 Instruments 6 point floating cell

Focuser: JMI NGF-XTnM Motorized with SmartFocus and DRO

Tube: Custom Built by Joe at Parallax Instruments, Inc ( http://www.parallaxinstruments.com/ ) - mocked up in a sonotube

  100% unpainted Aluminium 0.080" thick

  58.5" Length (56" from ring front to tube front)

  16.25" Diameter

  Painted with Krylon® 4290 Camouflage Paint with Fusion Technology


Rings: Ken Dauzat's Rings ( http://www.kendauzat.net ) 


This scope is often seen with these cohorts!  ... 

Camera: Point Grey Research Flea3 - FL3-FW-03S1M (monochrome)

Color Filter Wheel: True Technology UK (Tru-Tek) - SupraSlim with Visual Wide Wheel (built in diagonal)

Adapter: Unibrain FireCard800-e? 1394b ExpressCard 34 adapter (http://www.unibrain.com/products/p1394/FireCard800_e.htm

Celestron C8i SE - used for solar and flexibility

8" f/10 SCT in solar mode

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