Michael A. Phillips

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Astronomy Software and Techniques


I made a tutorial on how to remove the limb artifacts on your Mars images. You'll see in this video tools in Gimp like layers, opacity and selection tools. I hope this is useful. It's 8 minutes long, but be sure to full screen and set to 720 to see all the little things going on in it.


Getting Started

Importance of Seeing, Collimation, Focusing and Thermal Stability - http://astromaphilli14.blogspot.com/2009/07/michael-phillips-astronomy-lesson-on.html

Software Techniques

Current Planetary Processing Overview (THIS IS WHAT YOU CAME FOR!)

Advanced, Scripting

Archived Processing Tutorials

Older tricks

Iris - an all around great tool for DSLR, Planetary, stacking, sharpening and processing 

RegiStax - Stacking and sharpening 


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